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Being Healthy

Well today i finally went back to the gym after a couple of months off, i have managed to ruin all my progress that i had made, LIke putting all the weight i had lost back on!! im a dork.
But now that ive made a start again hopfully i should stay on track cause i really want to look good for my wedding.
Anyway i have today off and after my trip to the gym i was a lovely grandaughter and visited my grannie, she is so cute and cuddly just what a grannie should be, im very lucky to still have her.
 i spouse i better go to some washing.

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Kats life

Sanchez is gone

Its very sad not to have a cat around the house anymore, im deffinately going to have to get another one, hopefully the same breed as her, shes an abissynian(sp?).last night we slept in bed without her and it was sad.
Mission for next weekend, find a new cat.

Anyway right now im at my mums place, i drove up here after work tonight so i didnt have to get up at like 4am to get here in time. and bob is here too, he came down for the weekend.
Ive got vodafone training again on monday and tuesday, so that should be fun. im going to take the train into the city again cause parking is way too expensive. we are also staying at the same hotel cool.
thats about it for now.
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The people behind us are moving, that means that, they are taking the cat. or i should say OUR cat. I know the cat is really their cat, but she has pretty much lived with us since we moved in thats been a year and half.
She sleeps with us every night,we feed her every morning and night, she never leaves here, and then they come around and say we are going to be taking the cat!! i think thats reallly unfair.
If they were really cat people they would know the cats chose where they want to live, not the other way round!!! cats dont have owners!!
So im really sad that she going to be going, ive told them how i feel and i love their cat lots, but they didnt even care!!!
My little sanchez.
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Kats life

Vodafone 3G Launch Party!!

I probably shouldnt say too much about it, since its not being released till next month.
But Last night was awesome, vodafone always throw good parties, Jackie clarke and clarke hosted it and steriogram were there and they played, i also got to meet them and got a photo with them....
But the new phones that are comming out are going to be AWESOME!!! i cant wait... so if your thinking of buying a new phone just wait another month!! thats all i can say.

Also sandy(manager) keeps asking me if im staying or leaving..i know that she really doesnt want me to leave, she keeps saying that. But i have just been telling her, but im not 100% sure on what im doing yet, me and shane arent going to tell her untill the whakatane thing is all go. She is getting worse!!

Anyway i got another pedometer, since i dropped my other one, and i have been walking in the mornings before work. YAY.
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Kats life

im finally all better

Man i have finally all better again, i went back to work this week, after having the week off, its hard to get back into again.

Jarads mum was spoused to go back home on monday aftetr her course, but shes getting her teeth done,(veneers, on front teeth) but there was complications, her teeth were real brittle and firstly one broke off inside the crown, she was in extreme pain all over the weekend, but the dentist was closed, she can usually handle quite a lot of pain, i have never seen her like that before man..she said it was a worst pain she has ever felt..so on monday i didnt go to work i had to drive her to the dentist, cause she was that drugged up she couldnt drive!!
So the dentist had to take the veneers off, and karen said that made the pain 10 times worse. THEN after all that she got an infection in an old root canal tooth, and the side off her face all swelled up...had to go back to the dentist for antibiotics, so she has been staying here all week, in bed with all this pain. i felt soo stink for her.
So i was really happy this morning (after a whole week of pain) when she said she was feeling much better, so we did a bit of shopping and she has just gone home now.
It was reall cool having her stay here for ages, i really enjoy her company, i feel really lucky to have a mother in law like her!!!
SO when i went shoppping, i brought a king size sheet set, for only $29 down from $89.99!! what a bargin, i also got a wicked new toaster, my old one kept burning toast, and i finally got a hair straighter.
Oh yes yesterday at farmers wicked sale on bras and undies, so i got 2 real cool sets.
So i have spent lots of money!!

Cindy shane and ryan will be coming home from aussie today, so will have to give her a call tonight.
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Kats life

forgot to mention..

My very lucky sister and her husband shane and little ryan are going to on there honeymoon that they won to aussie, in surfers paradise.
they left yesterday, she txt me this morning saying how warm it is over there!! lucky lucky lucky..
Kats life

Im soo SICK

it started on sunday when i was driving back from whangarei, i had a headache, monday it was a sore throat, tuesday i couldnt get out of bed, so i stayed at home..
That night jarads parents came up cause jarads uncle died (he had a brain tumor, was only diagnoised about a month ago)
So they were up for the funeral on thursday.
I was also sick on wednesday stay home, and on thursday morning before the funeral i went to the doctor and surprise surprise i have a another chest infection, aparently some people are just prone to them..like me every cold i get can turn into a chest infection and it sucks big time. im still deciding whether to go to work tomorow, i have a doctors cert saying not to go back till monday, so we will see.

Anyway the funeral was real stink, i hate them. we didnt hang around for long, since i have given jarad my cold we just came home, i have now also given jarads parents my cold, so its just as well i havent been at work, or everyone would be sick.
Jarads mum is staying till monday shes doing a defence driving ambulance course, but derek just left.

im going to go back to bed.
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Kats life


So i decided to go up to whangarei and visit the family,
I got to leave work a litte early on thursday afternoon so i got time to pack and stuff, left here about 5.30pm and got to auckland about 8pm it was a long trip, lots of slow traffic. Went ans stayed the night at mums, she was actaully quite good, i thought she might have been in a grump with me going to visit dad, but she seemed alright.
Left mums at about 7am got stuck ina bit of traffic, but there on it was sweet,it poured down with rain the whole way up, but there was hardly any traffic on the roadso that was good, got to cindys at 9ish, had a play with ryan - man hes such the cutest little boy...and i love being an aunty. - (and no im not cluckly)

Anyway after we played we went around to dads, had a look around his new place, very cool. stayed there for a couple of hours, then me cins, ryan and bob went into town, but it was really wet so we didnt stay very long, went back to cindys and kicked back. dad and marion came up to cindys for dinner, we had roast pork hmm it was great.

Me and cins spent the next day mucking around again with ryan, showing all the neat things he can do, got lots of photos.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Like this one
Went and had dinner at dads stayed for a few hours then watched the rugby, had breakfast with cins, shane and ryan, left there at about 10.30 -11am stopped in at dads to say goodbye.
Drove straight to mum stopped in for a few mins-she didnt seem to be in a very good mood so didnt stay for very long.
Stopped and said hi to aimee and paul, then came back to tauranga, got home about 4.30pm, so it was along day of driving.
I had a really good time visisting everyone - i really miss them lots

p.s i was naughty today and brought a heater and a dehumidifier we did really need them.
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I am at work doing stocktake, im slacking off right now cause its sooo boring!! i really just want to home, but i think ill be here for about 4 more hours!!! arggh. this is gay.

It has also been raining all day and im kind of worried about the leaky window, it has been fixed, but it hasnt really rained hard since the major flooding, so we will see when i get home.

opps better go they have finally noticed where i am
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